Paper Manufacturing And Converting

Woodfree Paper - Corrugated and Kraft Paper - Carton Board for Special Applications - Mechanical Paper / Publishing - Other Paper

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Paper Manufacturing and Converting

Mehrez Company for Paper Converting and Manufacturing was established in 1988, founded by Essam Samier Mehrez. The second mill was opened in 2009 and the company's activity is in the trading and converting of paper.


Woodfree Paper

  • Offset Paper and Board, White and Colored
  • Copy Paper, Cut size and Reels
  • Bulky Book Paper
  • 1/s Coated Label Paper, Standard and Special Qualities
  • 2/s coated Label Paper, Standard and Special Qualities

Corrugated and Kraft Paper

  • All base materials for the Corrugating Industry, Virgin Fiber and Recycled Carton Board

Carton Board

  • Folding Box

Mechanical Paper / Publishing

  • Newsprint, Standard and Improved
  • SC and LWC Paper
  • Recycled Offset and Copy Paper

Other Paper

  • Various Greaseproof Qualities


6th October - 4th industrial zone - CPC industrial complex - Plot no. 87
Giza, Egypt

Inside Egypt: 0238642033 - 01284098888 - 01206090370

Outside Egypt: +201278952222

16 Al Gazar St. Al Mahalah Al Kubra (Part 2), Al Mahalah Al Kubra, Gharbia Governorate, Egypt

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